Marketing Technology Trends for 2017 

Webinar recording

Marketing Technology Trends for 2017

Webinar recording

Are you curious about the B2B marketing trends of 2017? 

Perhaps you’re more interested in knowing which technologies can help you leverage on these trends?

During this 30 minute webinar recording, we will show you what the expected trends for 2017 are. We will also outline the impact of these trends on technology choices. If you know what to watch out for you will also know how to adjust your marketing habits.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The expected trends for 2017
  • Which technologies can help you leverage on these trends
  • Why marketers must be aware of these trends
  • Tips on how to build or revisit your marketing technology stack

NB: This webinar recording is in English, the introduction in Dutch.



Shimon Ben Ayoun is co-founder and Managing Director of spotONvision and the B2B Marketing Forum. He helps marketers transform their efforts from a drain on expenses to a revenue generator. He is constantly looking for innovations in B2B and technology to increase the success of marketers. Together with Natascha Olofsen he has developed the trend report Beyond the Hype.

Natascha Olofsen is Marketing Project Manager at spotONvision. Every day she works with customer cases to explore customer / buyer journeys. She helps customers set up their marketing campaigns and deliver measurable results. Together with Shimon Natascha has interviewed the most influential thought leaders and has written the trend report Beyond the Hype.

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