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B2B Marketing & ROI

Webinar recording: 'B2B Marketing & ROI'


Can B2B Marketers Show ROI? In the research on B2B marketing performance management, spotONvision interviewed 26 CMO’s and marketing directors of Dutch, leading B2B companies.

View the webinar recording and learn more about marketing performance maturity, the effectivity of marketers that play the game and three critical elements to improve performance management capabilities. 

Adwin Gerritsen currently works as a Senior Consultant in Marketing Performance Management at spotONvision. His focus is on measuring and improving marketing performance and connecting marketing activities to strategy and firm performance.


Shimon Ben Ayoun is co-founder and managing director of spotONvision and the B2B Marketing Forum. He helps marketers in the transformation of marketing as ‘cost center’ to ‘revenue generator’. He is constantly looking for innovations in B2B and technology to increase the success of marketers.

During this webinar you will learn:

Why you should invest in marketing performance management

Which challenges your peers and colleagues face
Icon repair

What the three critical keys for improving marketing performance management are


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